Nov 19, 2009

Dad accused of...

WOW!! This story literally BLEEEEW ME AWAY!! A father accused of killing his 15 year old son over accusations that he had "sexual contact" with a 3 year old!

"HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. - A 37-year-old father irate over hearing his 15-year-old son had sexual contact with a 3-year-old girl made the teen strip at gunpoint, marched him to a vacant lot and shot him to death despite pleas from the boy and his mother, a relative said.
Michigan authorities filed a first-degree murder charge Wednesday against Jamar Pinkney Sr. in the shooting death Monday of Jamar Pinkney Jr. in the Detroit enclave of Highland Park.
Defense attorney Corbett O'Meara said prosecutors should consider evidence of the father's state of mind over the sex abuse report."
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Now I've heard people express that they feel child molestor's should be killed but this definitely puts a twist on things! Don't even know where to begin with this one...

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