Apr 13, 2009

Good Hair by Chris Rock

Kudos for Chris Rock on filming a documentary about "Good Hair" which I suspect is targeted towards and addressing the whole idea and thought process of what is considered "good hair" amongst the African American community. Chris Rock said he got the idea when his daughter came to him crying and asked, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?”

"Good Hair visits hair salons and styling battles, scientific laboratories, and Indian temples to explore the way black hairstyles impact the activities, pocketbooks, sexual relationships, and self-esteem of black people."

My hair is all natural and curly and it always amazes me when people say you have "good hair" because the first thing I think is try running a comb through this with out some leave-in-conditioner or water or something!

But anyways I can't wait to check the documentary out when it hits theaters! One of the producers for the documentary said that "there needs to be a real discussion among black woman about when their daughters should get a relaxer." I TOTALLY agree, I cannot understand the thought process behind giving a 4 year old a perm!! Little girls need their hair to grow and develop before exposing them to such a potent chemical. And besides when you have a perm you have to know how to treat your hair (being that it is in a weaker state than when natural) and a 4 year old definitely does not know how to take care of permed processed hair!

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