Feb 10, 2009

Get MAD!!

For those who know me really well know that when I express anger I ALWAYS feel extremely extremely guilty afterwards, no matter if I know I'm right I always feel like the situation was not that serious to get so upset. I noticed that we women tend to feel this way more than our male counterparts. I guess this goes with the whole "girls are meant to be seen but not heard" meantality.

So when I stumbled across this in a magazine it made me feel better:

Lashing Out
Ninety-two percent of women Glamour polled say they vent their frustration by yelling.

Getting mad at Pals
A survey shows that 56 percent of young women tend to get angry at people they actually like.

Road Rage
Forty-six percent of women honk at, shout at or give the finger to rude drivers.

In light of these findings ladies I say GET MAD!! and don't feel guilty about it, anger is healthy sometimes, it just makes you more human, and less likely to be taken advantage of!!!


  1. Hey FLA,
    How are you? You can get mad! 8-)
    You stopped by but why did you delete your own comments after you posted them? Were you mad at me?
    Well, I am glad you came by and please stop by often.
    Mista Jaycee

  2. LOL no I accidentally posted the same comment 3 times, and then I accidentally deleted all 3! LOL