Jan 7, 2009


So I'm flipping through cable trying to find something to watch (don't know why I waste money on cable but that's a whole nother post!) and I stumble on VH1 soul. Yes I said stumble, I'm just not into videos like I used to be... anyways they just happen to be playing a whoooole hour of Lauryn Hill videos, I instantly became estactic!! What a TALENTED SISTAAA!! I've been waiting for the Lauryn Hill comeback which will be better than the Michael Jordan, Jay Z and Joaquin Phoenix comeback put all together!
Hits such as Everything is Everything, Lost Ones, EXFACTOR!!, The Sweetest Thing, Doo Wop, "funny how money changes situations (uh uh!!) miscommunications lead to complications!" and I'm instantly taken back to how FLY, sophisticated and how much of a natural beauty Lauryn is. They say it's her relationship with the infamous Rohan Marley that changed her, if it's true it's funny how love can sometimes take you out of your element. In any case Lauryn I'm not here to criticize you girl, Lauryn we miss you!! Come back to us, music is lost without you!!

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  1. I so agree. Lauryn is my favorite singer. And her look is so out of this world. It did me proud to see a sista with locs on the cover of Time Magazine back in the day. I'm waiting for the comeback, too.